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Images and Copyright


Images on the Gothic Ivories web site come from two main sources:

Images from the Conway Library collection
The Conway Library holds a collection of nearly 2,000 images of Gothic ivory objects. These images come from a wide variety of sources, and were assembled for research and study purposes and put at the disposal of the academic staff and students.
In order to serve a wider community, these images (mostly black and white and of uneven quality) have been scanned and are now available online as part the Gothic Ivories Project.

Images provided by repository institutions and private collectors
The Project has been actively collaborating with repository institutions, photographic institutions, and, to a lesser extent, with private collectors, in order to offer a comprehensive and satisfactory coverage of their collections.
The aim is to include at least one image per object, but wherever possible, new photography campaigns have been launched. Therefore, many of the photographs you will see on this web site provide hitherto unpublished views and angles, thus yielding precious information about the objects and their function.

All photographs are copyright protected. Any reproduction or representation is strictly limited to private use. Any other use requires the prior authorisation of the copyright holder.

To purchase an image of an object
The Gothic Ivories web site is not a commercial web site: one cannot therefore purchase images of the objects directly from us. However, should you wish to purchase an image of an object, you can click on the link provided under To purchase an image in the entry for that particular object. This will direct you to the photographic services of the repository institution where you can then place an order.


Copyright Disclaimer
The Gothic Ivories Project team at the Courtauld Institute of Art has done its utmost to ensure that we have not infringed anyone’s copyright by publishing images on this web site. We fully support the understanding enshrined in copyright law that the creators of imaginative works have a right to be identified as such and to benefit from all commercial exploitation of their works; and we further understand that those rights are extended for a period to their families and estates.
However, with ultimately several thousands of images on display, we cannot absolutely guarantee that we have not unwittingly and despite our best endeavours infringed someone’s copyright. In the event that such an infringement is brought to our notice, we will:

  • Remove the image or images from the Gothic Ivories web site within 3 days of notification
  • Meet with the claimant to discuss the origin and extent of any infringement and ensure that it will not recur
  • Restore the images to the site only after receiving written permission to do so from anyone with a valid claim to be the copyright owner

Copyright Statement
No image published on the Gothic Ivories web site may be reproduced in any form or by any means, whether print or digital, without the prior written consent of the copyright owners.

Images acquired via the Gothic Ivories web site are for non-commercial private or educational use only. Republication or redistribution of images, including by framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited. Any infringement risks prosecution to the full extent of the law.

Last updated: 22 June 2015.

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