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Privacy Policy

The Gothic Ivories Project web site is committed to maintaining customer privacy and maintaining the security of the strictly limited amount of personal data which we receive from you. The Gothic Ivories Project web site is committed to responsible data management and subscribes to the principles of data protection legislation in the United Kingdom. We collect personal information solely to enable site users to take advantage of the following personalisation features on the Gothic Ivories Project web site:

  • Create and amend their own Sets of images (Sets feature)

  • Send links to pages on this web site to other Internet users (Email-a-link feature)

  • Track the pages they have visited (History feature)

  • Save searches for future use (Searches feature)

  • Contribute to Forums (Forums feature)

  • Opt to receive an email newsletter from the Gothic Ivories Project web site
  • Opt to receive email newsletters from other cultural/heritage organisations based at Somerset House in London.

All these features require the creation of a unique identifier for each user. Therefore, we ask users who wish to take advantage of these features to register with us first. Since a valid email address is by definition unique, we use this to create the identifier for registered users. Email addresses are checked for validity as part of the registration process. At no point is a registered user’s email address displayed on site or made available to other users.

We also ask registering users to provide a password with which to access their personalised site features, and a first name and last name for display in the Forums area of the site. Users are free to choose any first\last name combination they wish.

During registration, users can decide whether they wish to receive an email Gothic Ivories Project newsletter. Users can opt in or out of this email service at any time.

All information provided, with the exception of the email address, can be changed at any time by following the Profile link at the top of every page. Users who wish to change their email address are asked to De-register their old email address by following the De-register link at the foot of the Log In page, then register again using their new email address.

All information provided is stored in our database. This information is not available for sale to nor use by any third parties. The information is used solely to provide the personalisation features and services described above.

Cookies are used when entering our site to help manage each user’s session (that is, their visit to the Gothic Ivories Project site). Information recorded in the cookie may include the location from where each visitor arrived and any details needed to provide the personalisation features described above.

Each web page access is recorded in a log file. The contents of the log file are analysed on a regular basis to determine how many visitors we serve, what pages they look at most, and from where they connect. This information is aggregated and cannot be resolved down to the level of an individual user.

Please contact us at gothicivories@courtauld.ac.uk if you have any further questions about our privacy policy. You may also contact us if you wish to have your personal information removed from our database of registered users; alternatively, you can use the de-register link at the foot of the login page.

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Please remember to acknowledge any use of the site in publications and lectures as: 'Gothic Ivories Project at The Courtauld Institute of Art, London, www.gothicivories.courtauld.ac.uk', followed by the date you accessed the site.