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The Folder

The Folder is a place to store images temporarily. If you are searching or browsing and find an image or group of images that you would like to keep track of, then you can do so by putting them in the Folder.

This leaves you free to carry on exploring and adding more images, in the knowledge that the ones you have found so far have been put to one side and can easily be accessed again.

You add items to the Folder by clicking the Add to Folder button in the Features toolbar. If you are in a list page (such as the Results Page), don’t forget to make a selection (or many selections) first by checking the box to the right of the row in which the thumbnail image appears.

Important: You will need to click on the Add to Folder on each Results page where you have made a selection button before going on to the next page, otherwise your previous selection will be lost.

The Folder can only be used to store images. It has a maximum of 100 items. It is available to all users. The Folder is a temporary store only: it will empty when you leave the Gothic Ivories web site.

If you want to store collections of images so that you can return to them on subsequent visits to the site, you have to become a registered user and build the images into an Image Set. To become a registered user, just click the Log In button at the left of the Top toolbar.

To complete the registration process, we have to validate your email address by sending you an email and asking you to respond. This is an automated process which happens immediately, though there may be a delay while your Internet Service Provider forwards the email to you.
If you have images in the Folder which you want to store in an Image Set, leave your browser open with the Gothic Ivories web site displayed while you wait for the email validation to take place. You can browse other web sites by opening another browser window.

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