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Image Sets

Image Sets are collections of images made by users of the Gothic Ivories web site. They are either private (visible only to the person who created them) or public (visible to all). To go to the Sets page, follow the Sets link in the top toolbar, or the More sets link in the Sets box on the Home Page. On the Sets page, you can use the search box to find Sets quickly if you know what they are called or who created them.

Image Sets are an easy way of keeping track of images which are important to you for any reason. By creating an image set, registered users can create collections of images to which they can return whenever they come back to the Gothic Ivories web site.

You create an image set by:

  • Finding an image (and if you are in the Results page, checking the box next to it to select it)
  • Clicking the Add to set button in the Features toolbar
  • Choosing an existing set to add the image to, or...
  • Creating a new set and giving it a name, optional description and public/private status
  • Clicking OK
You can go on adding images to sets whenever you find something you want to be able to return to.

Important: You will need to click on the Add to Folder on each Results page where you have made a selection button before going on to the next page, otherwise your previous selection will be lost.

Once you have created a Set, you can access it by following the link in the Top toolbar. If you are logged in, by default you will be shown a list of the Sets you have created. If you click on one, you can view its contents and amend its properties.

Sets have three properties:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Status (private or public)
You can change any of these properties by following the Edit set properties link at the top right-hand side of the page in which the contents of your set is displayed. Please note that Set titles have a maximum of 25 characters and Set descriptions have a maximum of 100 characters.

If you are logged in, you can switch between viewing your own Sets only, and viewing all Sets by following the appropriate links at top right.

We change the Set featured on the Home Page regularly and usually choose Sets created by our registered users. Sets cannot be edited while they featured on the Home Page.

You can have a maximum of 30 sets with a maximum of 50 images each. You can share Sets with other Internet users by clicking the Email-a-link button in the Features toolbar, or comment on them by clicking the Add\view comments button. However, you cannot comment on or email a link to a private Set.


Please note that while we value Sets created by our users and make every effort to ensure that they are safely stored, we do not guarantee that they will be maintained in all circumstances, nor for all perpetuity. Sets are there for your own enjoyment and to share with other Internet users; they should not be used for any activities carried out for financial gain.
We reserve the right to delete Image Sets at any time and without giving notice to the person who created them, although we will of course endeavour to do so.

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