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The Web Site

Profile and Preferences

The Profile and Preferences links appear in the top toolbar, and give access to basic account management features.


In the Profile page, you can add to or amend the information you gave when you registered on the Gothic Ivories web site. This information forms the profile that is displayed to other users of the Forums area of the site, but note that you can choose whether or not to display your email address to other Forum users. You can also choose from a gallery of avatar images selected from images on the site: this image will represent you on the Forums.

The only item you cannot change in your Profile is your email address. If your email address changes, de-register under the old email address by following the de-regsiter link at the foot of the Log In page, then re-register using your new email address.


The Preferences page allows you to set a number of options which govern how the Gothic Ivories web site works. You can choose:

  • Whether you wish your email address to be visible to other users
  • Whether you wish to receive email newsletters from the Gothic Ivories Project, the Courtauld Institute and Somerset House
  • Whether you wish to be sent an automatic email whenever anyone replies to one of your postings in Gothic Ivories Forums
  • Whether you wish to use popup windows while navigating the Gothic Ivories site

Popup windows are supplementary windows which are launched over your main browser window. They are used on the Gothic Ivories site to display our largest-sized images, display information about the site, manage the features available to registered users, and provide confirmation that requested actions have taken place.

Popup windows are increasingly used by commercial web sites to display unwanted advertising messages, and for this reason many people elect to block them using browser settings or proprietary tools such as the Google browser toolbar. If you are blocking popups, set the 'Use popup windows' option to 'No': all messages and options will be displayed in the main window, and you will not lose access to any site functionality.

Alternatively set your popup blocker to allow popups on the Gothic Ivories web site. Most popup blockers enable you to make this choice.

Frequently asked questions

How do I add or change my preferences and profile information?

Go to the Profile and Preferences pages on the menu bar at the top of your screen. The Profile page allows you to change your first and last names, your password, along with personal information that you wish to share with other users such as your age, location and interests. It also allows you to select an 'avatar' or small picture to identify you and add character to your postings in the forums.

The times displayed in the Forums are not correct.

All times are GMT, so if you live outside the UK you will have to make allowance for the difference between the time in London and your local time zone.

How do I show an image (avatar) below my username?

When you post a comment in the Forums you will see either one or two images below your username. Everyone has an image associated with either the number of posts they have made (New Contributor, Frequent Contributor etc.) or their status on the forums (Gothic Ivories Author, Gothic Ivories Moderator etc.) Below this you can choose to include a larger image known as an avatar to suit your personality or interests and add some character to your posts.

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