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About Us


What is the scope of the project?
  • Chronological: c. 1200-c. 1530 and 18th-19th-century neo-Gothic pieces
  • Geographical: Western Europe

Are included:

  • pre-1530 figured chaplet beads (Memento mori)
  • early 16th-century combs with figurative scenes
  • stag horn engraved saddles
  • modern forgeries
  • lost, stolen or destroyed objects: to find these, type these adjectives in the Museum number field.
    Please note that images will not necessarily be available for these objects.

Are not included:

  • non-figurative pieces
  • pre-1200 figured gaming pieces
  • so-called Siculo-Arabic non-figurative work (mainly caskets)
  • Embriachi and Embriachi-style 15th-century Italian figures (mainly bone pieces from larger ensembles)

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