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Statuette (Front)

Statuette (Front)
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Zamora, Cathedral



Height: 52 mm

Seated Virgin and Child (Virgo lactans); Christ seated on the Virgin's left knee; Christ in long robe; crown; bench.

Gómez Moreno 1927: France, 14th century.
Estella Marcos 1984: Spain, late 13th century (?).


Polychromy - Gilding
Traces of polychromy: arches and medallion painted on the back of the seat.

Carved in the round.

According to Estella Marcos (1984), mentioned in an inventory dating from the late 13th or the early 14th century as 'quidam ymago beate Virginis fracte un pede de ebore cum Tabernaculo de cornu nigro' and described in an Inventory of the relics dated 1577 as 'ymagen de marfil de altura de tres dedos de Ntra. Señora con su peana y un pedazo de marfil o unicornio'. According to Gómez Moreno, mentioned in a 1558 inventory.

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Out of copyright. From M. Gómez Moreno, Zamora (Madrid, 1927).

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