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Mirror case (valve de miroir) (Front)

Mirror case (valve de miroir) (Front)
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Secular. Hunting scene. Courtly love.

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Bologna, Museo Civico Medievale

Inv. 700


Height: 65mm (diameter)

Hawking party; courting couple (meeting of lovers); lady and youth hawking on horseback; lady wearing a hat with a pointed brim; youth with a hawk on his wrist; lady holding a whip; trees.
Foliated corner terminals.

Koechlin Number: 1023

Koechlin 1924: France, mid 14th century.
Bologna 1959: end of the 14th century.
Vitali 1976: France, mid 14th century.
Marciano c. 1992-1994: Paris or Eastern France, 1st or 2nd quarter of the 14th century.


Head of Christ (16th century or 17th century).

Chiesi (2011) argues that the other half of this mirror case is in the Museo del Bargello in Florence (Inv. 134 C).

Collezioni Universitarie (no. 344): acquired by the Museo Civico in 1881.

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