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Rosary bead or rosary pendant, 2 faces (chapelet) (Side 2)

Rosary bead or rosary pendant, 2 faces (chapelet) (Side 2)
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Side 1

Secular. Memento mori.

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Boston, Museum of Fine Arts


Ivory (or bone?)

Height: 76mm

Side 1: couple embracing (lovers); wall.
Side 2: bust-length skeleton (Death).
Inscription on the base: 'O MORS QUAM AMARA EST MEMORIA' ('Death, how bitter it is to be reminded of you').
Foliated decoration.

Ann Arbor 1975: French or Flemish, c. 1520.
Detroit 1997: Franco-Flemish style, 19th century (?).
Museum's opinion 2011: c. 1500-1550.


Carved in the round.

The authenticity of this piece has been questioned by Barnet because the base and the object are made from a single piece of ivory, which does not agree with medieval practice, and because the piece is not carved for suspension, but has an ivory loop at the top (Detroit 1997).

M. H. Drey, Ltd., London (in 1957); sold in 1957 by Drey to the Museum of Fine Arts for $1,000 (William E. Nickerson Fund).

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Photograph © 15 July 2012 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
Credit Line: William E. Nickerson Fund.

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