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Box (boîte) (Detail, lid)

Box (boîte) (Detail, lid)
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Body, Front


Body, back



End, right

Detail, lid

Detail, lid

Detail, lid

Detail, lid

Detail, lid

Secular. Hunting scene.

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Bouillon, Musée Ducal

MD-MA 767

Bone;metal (hinges and fittings)

Height: 180mm
Width: 150mm

Register 1: male dancer; female dancer clapping her hands; male dancer.
Register 2: male dancer; male musician playing drum and pipe; dancing jester holding a bauble.
Body, front
Dogs running; hunter on foot blowing a horn; trees.
End, right
Gathering of pears (?); man beating the tree to make the fruits fall; female figure collecting the fruits in her skirt; lady playing the harp; lady wearing a conical hennin; male musician playing the whistle.
Body, back
Winged knights jousting; knights in armour on horseback.
End, left
Archer shooting a stag with bow and arrow; trees.
Crosshatched background. Foliated border. Chequered pattern on the bottom.

Museum's opinion 2012: 15th century.


Polychromy - Gilding
Traces of polychromy: green (trees; ground), red (mouths).

Label from the 1857 Manchester exhibition on the bottom, with inscription: 'Exhibition of Art Treasures, 1857, Gooderich Court'.

Collection of Francis Douce (b. 1757, d. 1834); collection of Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick (b. 1783, d. 1848), by bequest, 1834; collection of Major-General Augustus Meyrick, by bequest, 1848 (no. 1332)(exhibited at the Exhibition of Art Treasures in Manchester in 1857). Bought from art dealer Jan Dirven, Antwerp, in October 1973.

Part of the Art Treasures exhibition, Manchester, 1857 (see label).


© Musée Ducal, Bouillon. Photography: Christian Jadoul.

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