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Box with pitched lid (boîte); known as the box of saint Lucy (End, right)

Box with pitched lid (boîte); known as the box of saint Lucy (End, right)
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End, left

Body, front

Body, back

Secular. Hunting scene.

Repository Institution

Maastricht, Basiliek van Onze-Lieve-Vrouw

Inv. 33.18 BMV

Bone;wood (core);brass (fittings and lock)

Height: 170 mm
Width: 250mm

Stems of flowers.
Body, front
Hunting scene; dogs pursuing a stag; hunter blowing a horn.
End, right
Female musician playing the harp; male musician playing the pipe (flute).
Body, back
Gathering of pears (?); man holding a club to beat the tree and make the fruits fall; female figure collecting the fruits in her skirt.
End, left
Hunters on foot; hunter holding a spear; hunter holding a bow; trees.
Chequered pattern.
Crosshatched background.

Galán y Galindo 2011: no date offered, 12th-15th century.


Engraved on all sides.

Possibly the box used to contain the relics of saint Lucy and saint Willibrodius.

A. Galán y Galindo, 'Las arquetas de trovadores, canciones, música y amor. Desde Bagdad, a los trovadores medievales, pasando por Córdoba', in Arte, arqueología e historia, 18 (2011), p. 31.


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