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Statuette (probably part of a staff) (Detail)

Statuette (probably part of a staff) (Detail)
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Religious. Saints.

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Langres, Saint-Mammès Cathedral Treasury (property of the French State)

Inv. 13


Height: 133mm
Width: 45mm

Saint Mammès, tonsured, holding his bowels; lion; scroll.

Palissy 2009: 15th century.


Carved in the round.

Object Condition
Left forearm damaged.

This piece probably was originally the upper part of an ivory staff which was in the cathedral treasury before the Revolution.
The saint holds a scroll and is accompanied by a lion, as he used to teach the Gospels to wild animals, and he is holding his bowels because he was disemboweled by means of a trident as part of his martyrdom.

From 1585, inventories of the Treasury of Saint-Mammès cathedral mention an ivory staff ending in a small effigy of saint Mammès. According to the 1709 inventory, it was used to lead religious processions. It remained in Langres cathedral after the cathedral treasury disappeared in 1793.

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