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Front panel (fragment of a casket; coffret) (Front)

Front panel (fragment of a casket; coffret) (Front)
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Secular. Courtly love.

Repository Institution

Cleveland, The Cleveland Museum of Art



Height: 98mm
Width: 259mm
Depth: 10mm

Scene 1: Fountain of Youth; courting couples bathing (meeting of lovers); older couples on the battlements.
Scene 2: Capture of the unicorn; man spearing the unicorn; maiden holding a mirror or a chaplet.
Scene 3: God of Love aiming his bow and arrow (arrow tipped with a rose) at two figures (a couple?) in a tower supported on the back of an elephant (elephant and castle).

Koechlin Number: 1288

Koechlin 1924: France, 1st half of the 14th century.
Museum's opinion 2010: French (Lorraine?), c. 1330-1350.


Object Condition
Missing: lower left corner and part of the border on the right. Square of 40x40mm where the lock once was. The three columns have been re-carved and pigmented to match the rest of the panel. Twenty-two drilled holes, none of which have been filled with an ivory-like material.

Trivulzio collection, Milan (before 1897). Collection of Robert von Hirsch, Frankfurt-am-Main (until 1933) and Basel: sold, Sotheby's, Parke Bernet, London, 22 June 1978, lot 290; bought by the museum thanks to the John L. Severance Fund.

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