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Diptych, 4 registers, bands of rosettes (décor de roses) (Front)

Diptych, 4 registers, bands of rosettes (décor de roses) (Front)
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Religious. Passion.

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Paris, Musée des Arts décoratifs

Inv. GR 23

Ivory;metal (modern hinges)

Height: 240mm
Width: 195-208mm (wider at the bottom than at the top)

Wing, left
Register 1: Entry into Jerusalem.
Register 2: Last Supper with saint John the Evangelist leaning on Christ's breast; Christ feeding Judas across the table.
Register 3: Betrayal (Taking of Christ; kiss of Judas); Christ restores Malchus' ear, cut by saint Peter; lantern. Death of Judas (Judas hanging).
Register 4: Carrying of the Cross with the Virgin helping Christ; men holding hammers.
Wing, right
Register 1: Christ washing the feet of the apostles.
Register 2: Agony in the Garden (Christ at Gethsemani); apostles asleep; trees.
Register 3: Pilate ordering the Flagellation; a demon whispers in his ear.
Register 4: Crucifixion; swooning Virgin supported by Holy Women; Longinus kneeling in prayer; Stephaton giving Christ vinegar; saint John the Evangelist and onlookers.

Koechlin Number: 0807

Koechlin 1924: France, 2nd half of the 14th century.


Two later hinges. Traces of three original hinges (ivory repairs).

Flat and smooth. Longer edges slightly chamfered.
On the back of the left wing, blue and white label inscribed 'no. 18'.
On the back of the right wing, ink inscription: 'grandjean'. Blue and white label with inscription: '1890 grandjean'.

Object Condition
Repairs around the original hinges.

Traces of a metal clasp to close the diptych.

Collection of Alexandrine Louise Grandjean (at least from 1865): bequeathed to the Museum in 1923 (still listed as in the collection Grandjean in Koechlin 1924).

Exposition de 1865 au Palais de l'industrie, Union centrale des beaux-arts appliqués à l'industrie (Paris, 1866), no. 318.
Exposition universelle, exhibition catalogue, Paris, 1867, no. 1766.
A. Darcel, 'Le Moyen-Age et la Renaissance au Trocadéro', in Gazette des Beaux-Arts, (1878), II, p. 286.
Exposition rétrospective du Trocadéro, exhibition catalogue, Paris, 1889, no. 119.
Exposition Universelle de 1900, Catalogue illustré Officiel de l'Exposition Rétrospective de l'Art Français (Paris, 1900), no. 122.
R. Koechlin, Les Ivoires gothiques français (Paris, 1924), I, p. 293; II, no. 807; III, pl. CXXXVIII.


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