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Casket (coffret) (Body, front)

Casket (coffret) (Body, front)
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End, right

Body, back

End, left

Secular. Courtly Love. Romance.

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Florence, Museo Nazionale del Bargello

Inv. 123 C


Height: 75mm
Width: 186mm
Depth: 112mm

Female musicians playing the psaltery; courting couple (meeting of lovers); castle battlements; elopement (variation on Attack on the Castle of Love); knight and lady on horseback; couple in a boat; bridge decorated with rosettes. Tournament; couples (including a queen) observing the jousting knights in armour from a balcony; lady holding a dog; two heralds in trees blowing trumpets; trees; horses; shields. Attack on the Castle of Love; lady throwing flowers from the battlements; catapult throwing flowers; knights in armour assaulting the castle; knight climbing a ladder.
Body, front
Aristotle teaching Alexander; Alexander as a king holding a sceptre; pulpit with open book; curtain. Phyllis riding Aristotle; Alexander watching from the castle battlements. Thisbe finds refuge from the lion in a tree; lion with a piece of Thisbe's veil in its mouth. Death of Pyramus and Thisbe; fountain decorated with lion heads or monster heads
End, right
Knight in armour delivering a lady from a wild man; the knight kills the wild man with his spear. Knight and an old man (hermit?) holding a key.
Body, back
Gawain in armour fighting the lion. Lancelot crossing the sword bridge, with spears falling from the sky. Gawain on the perilous bed; bed on wheels and with bells; shield with a lion's paw; spears falling from the sky. The three maidens at the Château Merveil.
End, left
Tristan and Iseult conversing; Tristan with a hawk on his wrist; dog on Iseult's lap; king Mark in the tree; fountain reflecting king Mark's face. Capture of the unicorn; man spearing the unicorn; maiden holding a mirror; trees.

Koechlin Number: 1286

Koechlin 1924 and Vitali 1976: France, 1st half of 14th century.
Gaborit-Chopin 1988: Paris, 2nd quarter of the 14th century.
Florence 1989: France (Paris), c. 1330-1340.
Museum's opinion 2012: France (Paris), c. 1330-1340.

Atelier of the Cracow casket (Koechlin 1924)

Carved on all sides.

Object Condition
Holes for the lost fittings and handle.

Carrand collection: bequeathed by Louis Carrand (d. 1888) to the Museo del Bargello in 1888.

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