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Rosary beads (10) (chapelet) (CAST, front)

Rosary beads (10) (chapelet) (CAST, front)
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CAST, front

CAST, front

CAST, front

Secular. Religious.

Unknown location



Height: 24mm

Head of a lady wearing a horned headdress (bourrelet).
Head of a soldier; helm.
Head of a lady wearing a horned headdress (bourrelet).
Head of an emperor; crown.
Head of a bearded man.
Head of a bishop; mitre.
Head of a man with glasses. Head of bearded man. Head of a king; crown.
Head of a black man.


Carved in the round.

A cast was made of these pieces in the 19th century and the photographs on this page are photographs of this cast (Courtauld Institute of Art, Witt and Conway Library, no. 212a-k).


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