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Saddle (selle) (Top)

Saddle (selle) (Top)
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Right side

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Secular. Religious. Saints.

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Berlin, Deutsches Historisches Museum

Inv. W 1010


Height: 300mm
Width: 450mm
Depth: 380mm

Right side: queen holding a basket; unicorn; standing king; male musician playing a string instrument; goat; hybrid; angel; standing female figure holding a book.
Left side: standing figure holding a scroll; hybrids fighting; saint George and the dragon; princess praying; naked figure; jester (?); female figure holding a scroll with inscriptions (?); standing male figure trampling an animal.
Chequered pattern. Scrolls (?) on the seat.

Von Schlosser 1919: early 15th century.
Nuremberg 2010: Southern Germany, c. 1440.


Engraved on all sides.

Object Condition
Missing: numerous horn plaques, exposing the leather and the wood.

Collection of prince Karl of Prussia (b. 1801, d. 1883) and of his son, prince Friedrich Karl of Prussia (b. 1828, d. 1885), kept at Monbijou Castle; acquired by the Museum in 1883, initially kept at the Zeughaus.

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