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Wing, left (part of a diptych), 1 register, 3 arches across (frise d'arcatures; plaquette); known as the Antwerp-Lucerne diptych (Front)

Wing, left (part of a diptych), 1 register, 3 arches across (frise d'arcatures; plaquette); known as the Antwerp-Lucerne diptych (Front)
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Religious. Saints.

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Unknown location



Height: 72mm
Width: 42mm

Seated Virgin and Child with female figure kneeling in donor position; two angels crowning the Virgin.
Foliated border; diapered background; pointed trefoils.

Molinier 1890: France, c. 1360.
Molinier 1896: Flemish, c. 1370.
Schnitzler, Volbach, Bloch 1964: France, c. 1400.
Leeuwenberg 1969: France, last quarter of the 18th century to 1st half of the 19th century.

Master of the Agrafe Forgeries (Leeuwenberg 1969)

Traces of two missing hinges on the right side.

Polychromy - Gilding
Traces of polychromy and gilding.

Flat and smooth.

Object Condition
Central hole in the upper part of the panel.

The right wing is now in Antwerp (Inv. MMB.0449). See related objects.
The two wings were separated sometime between 1896 and 1898.

Collection of Frédéric Spitzer, Paris: sale, Chevallier and Mannheim, Paris, 17 April 1893, lot 130 (both wings together). Collection of Mrs. Hartmann, Paris (in 1896, both wings together). Demotte collection, early 20th century. Collection of Ernst and Martha Kofler-Truniger, Lucerne (by 1964; this wing only).

La Collection Spitzer (Paris, 1890), I, p. 57, no. 95 (both wings) (E. Molinier).
E. Molinier, Histoire générale des Arts appliqués à l'Industrie (Paris, 1896), I: Les Ivoires, pp. 191-192 (both wings then in the Hartmann collection).
H. Schnitzler, F. Volbach, P. Bloch, Skulpturen, Elfenbein, Perlmutter, Stein, Holz Europäisches Mittelalter, Sammlung E. und M. Kofler-Truniger, 2 vols (Lucerne, 1964), pp. 30-31, no. S.114.
J. Leeuwenberg, 'Early Nineteenth-Century Gothic Ivories', in Aachener Kunstblätter 39 (1969), pp. 130-131, 135-136, fig. 31.
D. Gaborit-Chopin, 'Les ivoires gothiques. À propos d'un article récent', in Bulletin monumental 128-2 (1970), p. 128.
Le Trésor de Saint-Denis, exhibition catalogue, Paris, Musée du Louvre, 1991, p. 308, fig. 1 (right wing).


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